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Job Title:




PROJECT DETAILS (Optional, check as many as apply)

1. What prompted an inquiry into an Insulation Energy Appraisal?

 Immediate need for maintenance Desire to conserve energy Desire to reduce fuel expenses Company initiative Environmental concerns Existing maintenance program Other

2. People who may want to be included in this process:

 Building owner Facilities manager Facilities engineer Maintenance personnel Other

3. What are your areas of concern at your location?

 Heating system Cooling system Domestic Hot Water Processes driven by steam system Energy returned to system Other

4. Currently, the facility's insulation system is designed to:

 Minimize heat loss/gain Maximize energy efficiency Satisfy energy codes Provide personnel protection Not sure what was considered in design

5. In the past, what has motivated insulation decisions at your facility?

 Routine maintenance Building or plant expansion Process change or modification Reduction of energy consumption Change in laws or regulations Personnel protection / Safety concerns Noise pollution System protection Other

6. What is your goal in having an Insulation Energy Appraisal?

7. Please list any specific questions you may have for us about the program.

8. How did you hear about our Insulation Energy Appraisal program?

 Industry recommendation Company request Web search engine Other


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