Hudson Bay Insulation is a pillar of excellence in our respective markets; Seattle, Portland and Eastern WA/Idaho/Montana. Our reputation and our drive is unrivaled when it comes to mechanical insulation and firestopping in the Western States. Our core values are derived from our experiences and lessons learned over the past two and half decades.

It starts with our culture!

The Hudson Bay Insulation family is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment free of hazards for all employees. We hold each others safety at the highest regard and consider the prevention of accidents to be an integral part of our daily life.

A thorough understanding of, and compliance with, safety policies, practices and procedures is the best insurance an employee can have against accidents. Therefore we created a comprehensive Safety & Risk Management Plan with the goal of developing a safe and healthy work environment that promotes safe productivity and is proactive in anticipating and managing risk. By empowering employees with this knowledge and the authority to make the safe choice each and every day, they can return home safely to their families.

Our employees are our most valuable resource and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the efforts of each and every one of them working safely in the field.

Safety Director: Chris Jenkins


We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you.

Seattle: 206-763-9484

Portland: 503-688-1496

Eastern WA/Idaho: 509-201-0021

Tri-Cities: 509-895-4040

Montana: 406-552-9583