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Hudson Bay Insulation was established over twenty years ago with the goal of being the northwest’s leading insulation contractor. Since then we have established our company as experts in the application of insulation for new construction and existing buildings and have become a preferred sub-contractor for many of the major mechanical contractors in our area. We have led the way in adapting to new trends and technologies and are always seeking to improve our services offered.

With the recent focus on energy savings, green building, and sustainable practices… Hudson Bay has expanded on the insulation audits that we have been performing internally for more than a decade. Realizing the benefits of an energy audit, our clients have requested that we quantify the energy savings that are specific to insulation. Our response to that request is the Insulation Energy Appraisal. The professionals at Hudson Bay Insulation are pleased to offer this service to you and look forward to summarizing the energy savings potential at your facility.

The first step in the process is willingness and interest from you.

We’ve provided the following questionnaire to assist you in summarizing your interest and to allow us to gain a little more insight on the best way to proceed.

As mentioned on HBI’s Solution page, although there is a cost to having an Insulation Energy Appraisal performed at your facility the goal is to reduce carbon emissions, minimize wasted energy and save on fuel costs. We believe in that goal so strongly that we will absorb the appraisal cost when customers take action and have us perform at least a minimum upgrade on your biggest energy wasters. We are also very excited to walk into one of our customer’s facilities and find that the current mechanical insulation is sufficient and the facility could be a model for “best practices”. Hudson Bay has no reservations about informing our most energy conscious customers that an appraisal may not show significant benefits. Before any billable work begins on the appraisal an initial visit and a cost estimate can be arranged.

In a quick and simple interview at your facility, you can decide how you wish to proceed. Reach out and initiate the process, you’ll be glad you did.

Next Step:Site Visit/Audit


We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you.

Seattle: 206-763-9484

Portland: 503-688-1496

Eastern WA/Idaho: 509-342-9284

Tri-Cities: 509-895-4040

Montana: 406-552-9583