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Communication starts when an appointment is made for a quick interview at your facility. This interview is free of charge and will address your goals and how Hudson Bay Insulation can best meet those goals. We will address details such as the systems of concern, fuel types, operating temperatures, annual hours of operation, ambient conditions, maintenance practices and energy costs. Although not required, two catalysts to a successful interview are mechanical drawings and the availability of someone familiar with location, identification and operating parameters of pipes and equipment. Sometimes the initial interview may not provide all the answers but it always provides a place to start the process. At the conclusion of the interview we can present an estimate for the appraisal and predict the energy savings that can be achieved.

Assess-2The first step in the appraisal process is to gather the data needed for evaluation with the 3e Plus program. Calculations performed by the 3e+ program, developed in conjunction with the US Dept. of Energy, are considered to be very accurate when good data is collected so we put great care into this important phase. This step can start immediately after the interview or can be scheduled at a later date. Much of the information needed can be obtained from process and identification drawings or gathered during the facility walkthrough.

The walkthrough is performed by a National Insulation Association trained Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser. Although the CIEA will be familiar with mechanical systems and the safety measures that should be taken, it is usually best to have an informed maintenance mechanic from the facility available to navigate the building and answer operational questions. The walkthrough will determine the presence, amount and condition of existing mechanical insulation products used to insulate pipes, tanks, process equipment and ductwork. This process can take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days but in most cases, when the audit process involves many details, the CIEA works independently as you and your personnel continue to perform daily tasks.

Assess-3One of the unique features of an appraisal from Hudson Bay Insulation is the manner in which we collect data. We will analyze each system individually; take precise measurements, digital photos, thermography images, and ask the right questions. We also realize that the data we gather is for the benefit of the facility only and use discretion in retaining information gathered from the facility. All data is then transferred to a spreadsheet that will categorize the findings and have them readily available for calculations for energy savings, environmental impacts, and economical benefits from upgrades.

From here on out, it is all about results. Our appraisal will provide you with dependable calculations on which you can make sound decisions. We will highlight your best practices and summarize our findings; quantifying any implications of inaction and value from performing upgrades.

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