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At Hudson Bay Insulation we strive to solve some of most puzzling aspects of our industry. In the following section we will pose some the most frequently asked questions and provide our approach to the topic.


Our mechanical room was built to code. Doesn’t that mean that we are well insulated?

Most likely not. Hudson Bay looks at energy code for what it is – “the minimum requirement”. We also look at the fact that most buildings were built to meet an outdated standard and do not meet the current codes for new systems. We advise that systems be upgraded to the most “economical thickness” and that consideration be made for future efficiency goals.

Economical-Thickness2Why wasn’t the insulation on our mechanical system designed to be the best it could be?

Unless a designer is using a software program with an extensive database the calculations needed to determine “economical thickness” are very cumbersome. Unlike most designers who look to energy code to determine the insulation requirements, Hudson Bay’s certified energy appraisers use the 3e Plus program to determine the thickness with the lowest life cycle cost and the quickest ROI.

How do we determine if our mechanical insulation could be upgraded?

Arrange for an Insulation Energy Appraisal. One of our certified appraisers would be happy to come to your facility and determine the feasibility of benefits through an upgrade.

What is an Insulation Energy Appraisal?

An Insulation Energy Appraisal is an on-site audit of the presence, amount and condition of existing mechanical insulation products used to insulate pipes, ductwork and equipment. The final report will provide you with professional findings that will allow you to make sound decisions on insulation upgrades and realize near term return on investment.

How much of my time will it take to complete the appraisal process?

The initial interview can take between 30 minutes to a few hours. Many tasks, such as a facility tour, can be delegated to other facility personnel making your time commitment very short. The rest of the process has minimal impact on you or your operation and the amount of involvement can be determined by you.

We are interested in an Insulation Energy Appraisal but don’t have any funds budgeted. Is there a cost?

Yes, there is a cost for this service but we will show you that the cost to insulate is far less than the cost to do nothing at all. The cost of the service corresponds with the scope of the mechanical systems to be examined. In addition, before any billable service is performed, we will show you the value of an appraisal so you can determine if you would like to proceed.

We are seeking LEED certification for our facility. Can you help us achieve that goal?

Most definitely. The Hudson Bay team includes one of the few LEED accredited professionals that specializes in insulation. Our LEED AP can provide expert advice on how insulation and the installation process can meet the intent of the LEED system. In addition, many of the products we use satisfy the requirements needed to earn credits.

Our maintenance personnel prefers that we do not insulate many components because it inhibits access needed to perform scheduled maintenance. How do we reduce heat loss from these areas?

Many components, even those that have moving parts, can be insulated with thermal blankets. Hudson Bay has a blanket design that is easily replaceable after it is removed which saves both time and money. Our “Sustainable Insulation Blankets” are designed with simple straps, assembly guides and identification tags. Maintenance personnel can remove a pad in seconds and replace it just as fast.

Our facility is focusing on programs that are good for the environment. Do you have any “green products”?

Insulation is considered one of the greenest products available. Insulation is considered a “carbon negative” product that saves more energy than is used for production, installation, and utilization. Almost all products have a least 25% recycled content and some are up to 90% post consumer recycled material.

No matter what your question is, we have an answer for you. If you are looking to improve energy efficiency at your facility, the best way to make an immediate impact is to upgrade your mechanical insulation. Within a short period of time our appraisal process will provide you with the evidence needed to make an informed decision that will improve your bottom line. You’ll not only be saving money, you will be saving precious natural resources and reducing the impact on the environment.

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