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The most crucial period to evaluate an insulation system is within the first six months of installation. It is within that timeframe when facility managers and maintenance personnel are most familiar with the efficiencies that come with insulation upgrades. The parties involved in daily operations are able to note the benefits and recall any questions that may have surfaced. Hudson Bay Insulation will remain involved during this crucial time and provide any support needed.

We have also found that many of our clients take advantage of the expertise of our team at Hudson Bay Insulation and have us schedule a follow-up visit to coincide with an established training program. Our training will inform your personnel on how to maintain an insulation system and continue to perform scheduled maintenance activities while sustaining the integrity of the insulation. Although extremely easy to use, our Sustainable Insulation Blankets are designed to be removed and replaced and training provides instruction on the proper procedure.

Finally, we see insulation as an investment in the future of your company and facility. Hudson Bay Insulation views all projects as new relationships and will keep in touch. In addition to performing integrity checks and examine new opportunities, we will become part of your team in reaching your goals in energy conservation. If you are attempting to meet the next level in Energy Star ratings or position your facility to satisfy the requirements of The 2030 Challenge, we are here to help.


We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you.

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