Quick Response Service Work


Hudson Bay’s Quick Response Division consists of a dedicated crew for efficient, rapid response to your maintenance, repair and emergency needs.

  • Common needs can be addressed with stock in van and applied immediately
  • Professional assessments and solutions given onsite
  • Accurate estimates within hours on even the most detailed situations
  • Crew available within 48 hours
  • Same day response on urgent requests
  • Pricing available upon completion for timely billing

Utilizing fully equipped vans, our uniformed technicians are able to meet a myriad of your insulation requirements regardless of the size of the task.

  • Freeze protection
  • Weather and Vapor Barrier protection
  • Building & Energy Code requirements
  • Process temperature control
  • Personnel protection

We want to serve as your partner for the efficiency of your building and business.

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Devoted technician on long term service contracts
  • Reliable interactions with contracting and billing


  • IBM – Kirkland, WA
  • Imperium GH-02 Analyzer – Hoquiam, WA
  • Palomino Cold Piping – Seattle, WA


Call us in Seattle at 206-763-9484 or email seattle@hudsonbayins.com.

Call us in Portland at 503-688-1496 or email portland@hudsonbayins.com.

Call us in Eastern WA/Idaho at 509-342-9284 or email easternwa-idaho@hudsonbayins.com.

Call us in Tri-Cities at 509-895-4040 or email tri-cities@hudsonbayins.com.

Call us in Montana at 406-552-9583 or email montana@hudsonbayins.com.