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Full scope insulation projects require planning, management and expertise. We have extensive experience in mechanical insulation for large commercial buildings, full service hospitals, industrial facilities, and High Tech / Semiconductor facilities.


Insulation is the most efficient and effective way to curb energy wastes in your building or facility. Let our qualified experts show you how to save money and reduce your facility's impact on the environment.


Hudson Bay Insulation has a team of certified firestop technicians capable of meeting all your firestopping needs whether they are electrical, plumbing or top of the wall applications.


Need that service project completed right away? Hudson Bay Insulation employs a team of technicians specializing in next day service to take care of any insulation needs you might have.

About Hudson Bay Insulation

Originally formed in 1990 as a Union Mechanical Insulation contractor, Hudson Bay Insulation has evolved to meet the needs of our customers. Hudson Bay now offers a full range of contracting services to support the ever changing energy efficiencies and technologies required in our industry, and by governmental authorities. We are currently licensed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska with offices in Seattle and Spokane, Washington and in Portland, Oregon. We are able to effectively manage projects throughout the Northwest.

Hudson Bay Insulation is proud to have an experienced, core team of staff and field technicians with 10 or more years of service. We believe this longevity is a direct outcome of employee belief in the company’s core values.

Together, our team operates by the following mission statement:

mission statement

We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you.